5 Best Trimmers Under 1500 Rs In India

Gone are the days when clean shave used to be in trend. Nowadays peoples prefer beard look. To get a good beard look you have to manage it properly. So here in this post, we have covered five best trimmers under 1500 Rs.

We have also covered trimmers under 1000 Rs and 500 Rs, you can find via below given links. So moving on to the list of best trimmers below 1500 Rs for men in India. Two companies are fighting for this list. One is Philips and the second one is Panasonic. I have found that Philips trimmer is somewhat better than Panasonic trimmers and other trimmers.

5 Best Trimmers Under 1500 Rs For Men In India

This post includes trimmer ranging from 1000 to 1500 Rs. Though prices may be a little up or down as the price fluctuates a lot on e-commerce sites. While compiling this list, we have deeply analyzed all the aspects of the trimmer. We have analyzed their features, customer reviews and real world performance. After all those tests, we have arranged them in decreasing order of priority.

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1. Philips QT4011/15 Trimmer For Men


Philips QT4011/15 is the best trimmer under 1500 Rs for men. This trimmer is very smooth. You won’t feel like using a trimmer. The titanium, coated blades are very sharp and smooth on the beard.  It has 20 trimming settings that range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. From clean shave to heavy beard look you can achieve any look that you want.

I have been using this trimmer for past one year. I haven’t faced any issue till now with this. The best part of this trimmer is it’s fast charging time and long use time. With just 1-hour charge you can use it for 90 mins. This trimmer is sturdy and durable. My unit got dropped a lot of times still it is working fine. I am very much satisfied with this trimmer. Right now I don’t have any plan to upgrade or change the trimmer.

See Philips QT4011/15 on Flipkart See Philips QT4011/15 on Amazon

2. Philips QT4005/15 Trimmer For Men


Philips QT4005/15 is the second best trimmer under 1500 Rs. You can think of this trimmer as the younger brother of above trimmer. There is a price difference between this and above trimmer. So regarding the price, it is worth buying. It also comes with 20 trimming settings. According to your beard style, you can set it to different trimming range that ranges from 0.5 mm to 10 mm.

This trimmer is almost same in every aspect to the first one. Except for the titanium coated blades present in the first trimmer. Also, the charging time of former trimmer is very small and use time was high. This trimmer takes around 600 mins for a full charge. After a full charge, this will be your companion for around 40 to 50 mins. It comes with a 2-years warranty from Philips India.

This trimmer is not waterproof. No trimmer here is waterproof. Just detach the head from the trimmer and wash with water. No oiling is needed. But before attaching the blade head back dry the trimmer head properly. The water droplets present in the blade head may cause the short circuit inside the trimmer.

See Philips QT4005/15 on Flipkart See Philips QT4005/15 on Amazon

3. Philips QT4006/15 Trimmer


I was confused whom to put on 3rd and 2nd place. As both the trimmers are equally good. Then I thought, the trimmer which is better value for the money been spent should be on top. So I put Philips QT4005/15 above QT4006/15.  If we compare both the trimmers. Both are equally good. There are almost same specifications and design. But there is color and price difference.

As Philips QT4005/15 was cheaper, so I put it above this trimmer. It also comes with 20 settings that range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. Charging time and use time are also same. Both the trimmer uses a NI-MH AAA battery of same size and power. With the trimmer, you will get an adapter and cleaning brush. You won’t get extra accessories like a comb, oil, and scissors.

See Philips QT4006/15 on Flipkart See Philips QT4006/15 on Amazon

4. Panasonic ER207WK44B Beard and Hair Trimmer


The fourth trimmer in our list of best trimmers under 1500 Rs is Panasonic ER207WK44B. This trimmer looks very funky and stylish. The S-curve design with an elegant head makes it look premium. Design wise it is very robust and can easily handle shocks. It is quite smooth and easy to use. Just On the trimmer and move over your beard. It comes with 12 trimming length settings. Minimum range is 2 mm, and maximum range is 18 mm.

If you have moderate and heavy, this could be your best companion. This trimmer is not good for a clean shave. But for medium and heavy beard grooming this is one of the best trimmers under 1500 Rs. Like Philips, Panasonic also offers 2-years warranty on this trimmer.

See Panasonic ER207WK44B on Flipkart See Panasonic ER207WK44B on Amazon

5. Philips QT4001/15 Trimmer


The last trimmer in our list of best trimmers under 1500 Rs is Philips QT4001/15. This trimmer is usually priced ar 1100 Rs online. Whether you need to trim, fade or manscape your facial hair, the ideal way to go about it by using a trimmer. This trimmer comes with a selecting wheel that allows you to adjust and lock-in the length settings to get your desired beard look – 3-day shadow look of 1mm or full beard of 10mm. You can even remove the comb and get a zero trim look of 0.5mm as well.

This trimmer comes with a selecting wheel that allows you to adjust and lock-in the length settings to get your desired beard look – 3-day shadow look of 1mm or full beard of 10mm. You can even remove the comb and get a zero trim look of 0.5mm as well. You need not worry about the durability of this trimmer. It comes with 2-years long warranty.

See Philips QT4001/15 on Flipkart See Philips QT4001/15 on Amazon

This post is over. I hope that you liked it and got the information you are looking for. Still, if you got any question in your mind do comment down below. We will try to answer it at our best level.

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