Best Trimmers Under 500 Rs In India for Men and Women

Looking for a trimmer at an affordable price? This post is about the best trimmers under 500 Rs in India. After using all of them, we have arranged them in the list based on their pros and cons. All the trimmers given below are easy to use. You can get the desired beard style in just five mins anywhere. If you are an adult, you must have a trimmer.

Suppose you have to go to a party or somewhere outside. But with your unmanaged beard, you won’t look cool. At that instance, you will feel the need of a trimmer. Besides party and other occasions, you also need to trim your beard and groom your body hairs at regular intervals.

5 Best Trimmers under 500 Rs In India 2017

Below are the five best trimmers under 500 Rs. All trimmers are from Nova company, as no other company manufactures excellent trimmers at a low price. How do we decide which one is best? Firstly we see what are the specifications and features of a trimmer in a  price range. Next thing is to test them under working condition one by one. After that, we decide the list.

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1. Nova NHT 1080 Best Trimmer Under 500 Rs


Nova NHT 1080 comes with 20 Lock- In Length Settings. This means that you can set it to 20 different modes for different hair length and styles. So whether you like clean shave or medium shaving, this trimmer will fulfill all your needs. The best part is that it comes with 2-years Nova warranty.

It provides a trimming range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. Charge time is 600 min (10 hours). Most of the trimmers take that much time, so it is ok. It gives use time of 45 min which is splendid.  In the package, you will get Main Unit, Catalogue, Stubble Comb, Oil Can, Brush. This trimmer directly gives competition to the Philips trimmer at much better price. Nova NHT 1080 is the best trimmer under 500 Rs.

Nova NHT 1080 Trimmer Specs
Price Rs. 600
Trimming range  0.5 mm to 10 mm
Trimming Settings  20 Lock-In length settings
Recharge Time  600 min
Use Time  45 min
Waterproof  No
Washable  Yes
Cordless Operation  Yes
Warranty  2-years

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2. Nova NHT 1020  Waterproof Trimmer


Nova NHT 1020 is the second trimmer in our list of best trimmers under 500 Rs. Nova NHT 1020 is a 100% water proof with titanium coated blades. So whether your beard is wet or dry, you can use this trimmer without any worry. It has five trimming settings with a trimming range of 0.25 mm to 9 mm. You can use it for trimming and body grooming.

Nova NHT 1020 needs around 8 hours to charge completely. After that, you can use it for around 50 mins. Practically use time will be less as shown by the manufacturer. In the package you will get the main unit, charging dock, clip adapter, oil can, brush. This trimmer comes with 1-year warranty. But still, I will suggest you buy NOVA NHT 1080 given in the first position.

Nova NHT 1020 Trimmer Specs
Price Rs. 599
Trimming range  0.25 mm to 9 mm
Trimming Settings  5
Recharge Time  8 hours
Use Time  50 minutes
Waterproof  Yes
Washable  Yes
Cordless  Yes
Warranty  1 year

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3. Nova NHT 1011 Trimmer For Men


Nova NHT 1011 is not waterproof and neither it comes with many trimming settings. But still, due to its low price it is worth buying. It comes with four trimming settings that can be achieved via clips given with this trimmer.  The trimming range starts from 0.25 mm to 9 mm.

Like all other trimmers, it also took around 8 hours to charge completely. In full charge, you can use it for around 40 mins. Nova NHT 1011 comes with the 1-year warranty like all other Nova trimmers under 500 Rs. If found this trimmer pretty decent in trimming regarding its price. It looks cool also. The black color doesn’t like a cheap trimmer.

Nova NHT 1011 Trimmer Specs
Price Rs. 499
Trimming range  0.25 mm to 9 mm
Trimming Settings  4 combinations
Recharge Time  720 minutes
Use Time  45 mins
Waterproof  No
Washable  Yes
Cordless  Yes
Warranty  1 year

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4. Nova NHT 1047 BL Trimmer


Now we have come down to 400 Rs or less range. Nova NHT 1047 comes with three settings for trimming that can be achieved via two different clips given along with this trimmer. This trimmer comes with a lot of accessories which includes, Main Unit, adapter, manual, scissor, comb, perfume, oil can, clips, and sanitizer.

Recharge time is around 7 to 8 hours, and it will last for 40 mins while using. This trimmer looks very sexy and eye catching.  I found its design better than all other trimmers regarding handling and looks. So this is the best trimmer under 400 Rs. This trimmer has the 1-year warranty that can be availed at Nova service centers.

Nova NHT 1047 Trimmer Specs
Price Rs. 350
Trimming range  0.25 mm to 9 mm
Trimming Settings  3 combinations
Recharge Time  600 mins
Use Time  40 mins
Waterproof  No
Washable  Yes
Cordless  Yes
Warranty  1-year

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5. Nova NHT 1045 BL Rechargeable Trimmer For Men


There is not much difference between this trimmer and trimmer given above it. The only thing it lacks is extra accessories that come with above trimmer. If you don’t need extra accessories, then buy this trimmer and save few extra bucks. This trimmer doesn’t have a comb, scissor and a small bottle of perfume.

All the Nova trimmers here comes with a detachable head. That makes cleaning easy. Just detach the head from the trimmer and wash with water and dry it.

Nova NHT 10 Trimmer Specs
Price Rs. 300
Trimming range  0.25 mm to 9 mm
Trimming Settings  3 range
Recharge Time  8 hours
Use Time  40 minutes
Waterproof  No
Washable  Yes
Cordless  Fully cordless
Warranty  1-year

See Nova NHT 1045 on Flipkart

Now my part is done, and it is your time to decide which one you want to buy among the best trimmers under 500 Rs. If you got any doubts, comment down below. We will reply you as soon as possible. Usually, we took at max 3 hours to respond to you.

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