Dingtone App – Unlimited Free Phone Calls to Anybody

In this article, I will introduce with a fantastic app named Dingtone app. By this app, you can make unlimited free phone calls to anybody. You can even send text message free of cost in India and outside India as well. You have to pay nothing. Everything is free of cost.

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Dingtone app free call

How to do Free Phone Calls in Dingtone App

Dingtone app works in a very simple way. You need an android or ios device with internet connection enabled. It will be better if you have the wifi connection. Before proceeding further, you should install Dingtone to understand the whole procedure. Moreover, you will get 20 credits for downloading Dingtone via below link.

Download Dingtone Android App

When you open the app, you will find all your contacts on Dingtone screen. Tap on any number whom you want to call. Your call will be connected instantly. Call receiver on the other end will get a phone call from 4 digits random number such as + 5041 etc. This four digit number is just an example you may get any number.

Your original number will not be shown to anybody. You can also use this app to make fool of your friends. But don’t misuse this app. You can also send messages to your friends free of cost.

How to earn credits in Dingtone App

Dingtone app works same as like Airtel, Vodafone, etc. But there is a little difference in both ways. On Airtel connection, you pay money for making calls. But in Dingtone, you have to pay via credits. You can earn free credits by 3 methods listed below.

  • Earn Credits by referring friends.
  • By watching short video ads.
  • By Installing Apps.

To earn free credits go to More and then click on Get
Credits. There you will see a page like below image.

Dingtone app free phone calls

Choose the option which gives you more credits. If you install apps, you will get around 10 to 20 credits. Dingtone also offers daily check in bonus. You have to open app daily for seven days to get extra seven credits as a bonus.

Inviting friends to Dingtone app is also a good option to earn credits. For each friend that you invite, you will get 20 free credits. To get your referral link go to More and click on Get credits. Here you will see an option to invite the friend.

Dingtone app also has a call recording feature. Using which you can keep a record of your important calls. But I don’t think you might be interested in this. So moving on to the call rates.

Dingtone App Call Rates for Credits Earned

Now you know how to earn credits. But you might be thinking how much credits will be deducted for each phone call.

Dingtone app will deduct 1.85 credits for 1 minute of a voice call. Calling rates will be same for landline and mobile both. For text messages to any mobile number you have to pay 1.10 credits.

So if we take a rough approximation of call rates. For 20 credits you can talk for 11 minutes free of cost. This means that if you install Dingtone app using above link, you will get 11 free minutes to call.

Tell us about your experience of Dingtone app. Are you enjoying free phone calls? Are you facing any problems? Comment down below. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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