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Earn talktime app as the name indicates is designed to give free talktime to users. Anybody with a smartphone and internet connection can earn decent amount of free talktime online.

This article is like review of earn talktime app. I will tell you how i earn free talktime by using earn talktime app. From 12th onwards i never payed for my mobile recharge. Because all my recharges are done through free recharge apps. I have used a lot of apps to earn free recharge and earn talktime is one of them. Some of them best free recharge apps are already listed.

Earn Talktime App Free Recharge

So let’s begin the show of magic recharge.

How to Get Free Recharge in Earn Talktime App

You can earn free talktime in below three ways

  • By inviting friends
  • By downloading apps
  • As commission on online shopping

Before starting up, you should install Earn talktime app as it will be much easier to understand.

Download Earn talktime App

I hope that you have installed the app.
So let’s begin with each method one by one.

Earn Talktime App Refer and Earn

If you are reading this post then it is obvious that you want free recharge. You can also find all new free recharge apps here. So the first and best method to earn from any free recharge app is to invite friends. More you invite more you will earn.

In era of internet everybody have a lot of friends. Most of them are online such as on facebook, whatsapp, google+ etc. So you have to target them. Just send your referral link to them and ask them to download.

Right now earn talktime app is giving
30 Rs per refer. Now suppose if you successfully invite 10 friends out of all facebook friends. Then you will earn 300 Rs. Anybody who have more than 100 active friends on facebook can easily get 10 referrals. If you work more, you can earn even more money.

You will get 30Rs when anybody installs earntalktime app using your link. This 30 Rs amount will be credited to your account in two parts. You will get 10 Rs when your  friend install earntalktime app and another 20 Rs when he/she tries atleast one app.

So above is first method to earn money by referral method. This method works for all free recharge apps. Now coming back to our main app.

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Earn Talktime by Downloading Apps

This is most exciting part of all free recharge apps. When you will open the earn talktime, you will see a lot of apps with some amount mention on them.

So when you install these apps you will earn some money in your account. Normal payout varies from 5 to 40 Rs. Sometimes user may get upto 100 Rs per app install. But remember you will get money only for those apps which you haven’t installed before.

Right now earn talktime is giving  350 Rs for installing amazon app. 12 Rs will be credited instantly after downloading amazon app. Rest of the amount that is 338 Rs will be added if you keep the amazon app for 60 days. ( see below pic).

Earn talktime app


Earn Talktime for Online Shopping

Earn talktime app also offers other methods to earn free recharge. Do you use Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal ? Then this paragraph is for you. You can earn upto 20% commission on Earntalktime app. This commission will be above the discount. Commission varies from product to product. To check commission go to Shop tab in Earn talktime app.

Suppose you want to buy a mobile on Flipkart. If the mobile price is 10000 Rs. And commission is 2%. Then you will get 200 Rs free talktime. To get this commission you have to shop via earn talktime app. Further details about commission program can be found in shop tab.

Earn talktime App Additional Features

Besides free recharge Earn talktime app also gives news. There are separate tabs for hollywood, trending apps, astrology and much more. But i don’t find them useful to me. So it’s all upto you.

Hurry up friends and start earning free recharge and talktime. Never pay for your mobile recharge. If you face any doubt or problem while using earn talktime app then comment down below.

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    Nice article, useful information about Earn talktime to get free talk time. I use Reload for my mobile recharge, this is also one of the best app for recharge.

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