Mcent App – Earn Free Mobile Recharge Upto 500 Rs

Mcent app is one of the best free mobile recharge apps that I have ever used in India. Everybody wants free mobile recharge and especially youngsters. That’s why in this article I have briefly explained, how to earn free mobile recharge by Mcent app. I have written my personal experience with Mcent App. There are no fake promises.

I have also posted a list of Top 10 Free Recharge apps. Where Mcent is on top of all the apps.

I have already earned 1200 Rs free recharge by the Mcent app using different accounts and various tricks. Below is earning proof of one of my Mcent account that I am using right now. You can see that I have got the free mobile recharge of about 314 Rs and still earning.


Let’s begin step by step.

How to Earn Free Mobile Recharge By Mcent App

This would be the first question that might come to your mind. So below is a brief explanation of all the ways to earn free recharge in Mcent app.

Mcent App Refer and Earn Free Recharge

The best way to earn from any free recharge app is to refer friends. To refer friends to Mcent app you need Referal link.

After completing the registration process, you will land on the main page of the app. On the top, you will see the referral amount as in below image. Click on 20 Rs as below. On next screen, you will find your referral link. Just send your referral link via WhatsApp or FB messenger.

Mcent App Free Recharge

You will get 20 Rs for each referral on Mcent app. When you friend install the Mcent app using your link and also try one app from offers. So if you invite five friends to Mcent app, you will get 100 Rs Free Recharge. Sometimes the referral amount goes higher up to 50Rs.

Before moving on to the second method, you should also read about Taskbucks App as it is giving up to 40 Rs per refer.

Free Mobile Recharge By Installing Apps

This is the easiest way to earn free recharge by Mcent app. On the home screen of the mcent app, you will see a lot of apps and some amount mention on them.

So when you install those apps in your mobile, you will get the 5 to 60 Rs in your Mcent account.

Firstly click on the app which is giving more money. On next page, you will see a description of how you will get free recharge for installing that app. Read that report thoroughly.

Now install that app and open it for 2 to 3 minutes. Once you get the money, uninstall that app. This way install all the apps and you can earn up to 200 to 300 Rs by installing all apps.

Mcent App Additional Features

Mcent app has two other characteristics that are

  • You can send your earned free recharge to your friends as a gift.
  • You can also chat with friends who are using the Mcent app.

I like the first feature of the Mcent app. Suppose your friend need an instant recharge. You can help him by sending what you have earned in Mcent app.

Coming back to the main topic. In the heading of this article, we have set the target of 500 Rs free recharge. To achieve this goal you have to refer 10 to 15 friends and complete all the offers.
That’s relatively easy and can be reached within a day. Moreover, you can also get 1 Rs daily bonus just for opening Mcent every day. But your primary earnings will be via referrals and app installs.

Minimum recharge amount is 10 Rs. Once you earned 10 Rs,  you can redeem them.

So, what are you waiting for set your free recharge target? Download the mcent app and earn up to 500 Rs free mobile recharge.

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