Refer and Earn Free Mobile Recharge upto 1000Rs

Nowadays referral programmes are increasingly very rapidly. Anyone who wants to promote their app or service use refer and earn method to reach to a lot of people. So in this article, we have explained in detail how you can get free mobile recharge by referring and earn methods.

Refer and Earn Free Mobile Recharge

Youngsters use their mobile day and night. If you are also a youngster then might know the importance of internet and smartphone. For the web, you need a mobile recharge to pay for plans. And more than that everybody likes free mobile recharge. So below are some apps which have very decent referral programmes. These apps pay the highest money for referring friends.

Besides these apps biggest online shopping giants also gives money for inviting friends to their app. Right now Snapdeal refers and earn programme is giving 100 Rs Freecharge cash. You must also check out Myntra referral program if you shop online. Myntra is offering up to 4000 Rs. But Snapdeal and Myntra programs will be beneficial only if your friends do online shopping.

But don’t worry we also have other apps that pay good amount of money and you don’t have to work much to earn via these apps. But before going to these apps let me first explain you few things related to refer and earn programs.

How you can get Free Mobile Recharge by Refer and Earn Programs

Typically referral programmes pay about 10 to 100 Rs per referral depending on the app or site. Some apps have referral links and some apps have the referral code. So once you install the app, then you have to find the refer and earn section in that app. There you will find your unique referral link or referral code either one of them.

Now copy your referral link and send it your friends, relatives and family members. Facebook and Twitter will be the perfect platform to share your link. As on facebook and twitter, you will find a lot of peoples. But don’t send or post your links here and there on social networking sites.

Target the right peoples such as youngsters like you, who also want free mobile recharge. Use Whatsapp groups to send your referral link. Tell your friends how they can also earn money these apps. Once your friends get free recharge, they will ask you for more apps and offers.

So if you work smartly, you can earn easily up to 1000Rs free mobile recharge just by referring apps. You don’t have to install a lot of apps for that. Just install 4 to 5 apps that pay very high referral amount and start sharing your referral links with your friends.


What are Refer and Earn programs

Refer and earn programs are like promoting a product, for your and your friends benefit. You get credit for each friend whom you add to the app, website or any company. Credit may be in any from like free recharge, free gifts and sometimes real cash which can be transferred to the bank. So in simple words, you will get money for adding each friend.

Best Apps to Refer and Earn Free Mobile Recharge

1) Taskbucks App Refer and Earn

Taskbucks app takes the first position in the list. Taskbucks is a popular app for free mobile recharge. Taskbucks referral amount increases as referrals increases.
You will get 20 Rs for first referral, 30 for the second one and 40 for third and more referral on the same day.

You can get earn up to 40 Rs per referral. You will also get 100MB 3g data bonus if you invite three friends in a day. So it will be better if you invite all your friends in a day as you will get 40 Rs per friend invite. The best feature of Taskbucks app is that you can send your earned money to Paytm and Mobikwik also. This is the plus point of the app which places Taskbucks on the top.

Download Taskbucks App

2)Mcent App Refer and Earn

Mcent is one of the oldest and best app for free mobile recharge. You can easily refer your friends to mcent and earn free recharge. Till now I have collected about 2080 Rs in Mcent in different accounts. You can also earn by following the strategy given above in the post. At the time of writing this article, Mcent was giving 30 Rs per referral. But sometimes it goes up to 130 Rs per invite and sometimes even more than that. Besides inviting friends, you can also earn free mobile recharge by installing apps and doing contests.

Download Mcent App

3) Earntalktime App Refer and Earn

As the name suggest, Earntalktime works to provide free Talktime / recharge. Earntalktime gives 30 Rs per new friend invite. Earntalktime app works same as like mcent and Taskbucks. If you or your friend bought a new mobile then firstly install these apps to earn talk time. It will hardly take 2 to 4 minutes to install this app.

Download Earntalktime App

4) Ladooo App Refer and Earn

Ladooo was the first app which gives me free mobile recharge for the first time. On the first day, I got 20 Rs free recharge, and I was triumphal as I got that free of cost. After that, I started exploring new apps and this way my journey starts with free recharge apps. Right now Ladooo is giving 20 Rs per invite and a lot more by installing apps. But here we are focusing only on referring and earn method only. Ladooo is also an old giant in recharge industry. Ladooo has a superb reputation and doesn’t cheat with users.

Download Ladooo App

5) Pocket Money App Refer and Earn

Pocket Money app also is known as the Pokkt app in short. Although pocket money app is new in the market but still it pays good referral amount. In 2016 pocket money app has increased its invitation amount to 30 Rs. Whenever anyone installs the Pokkt app using your link, you will get 30 Rs free talk time. Although I haven’t used pocket money much but I have heard good things about this app. So give it a try after using all above apps.

Download Pocket App

So above are the best five apps that give the highest money on referring friends to them. I have also summarised Best ten apps for free mobile recharge.

Now I am done, and it’s your time to give us feedback. Comment down below if you have any question or doubt. Also, if you like this article then show us your love by sharing this article using below-given buttons.

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